mercoledì 14 maggio 2008

Would you like to win a new Nintendo DS for free?

The CronBlog is giving away one!

Read what Cronus says about this fantastic contest:

"That’s right win a Nintendo DS + 1 Game(Mario Party DS) for absolutely free! To kick off the blog I have decided to give away a decent sized prize, coming straight from my own pocket! The system is brand new and the only reason the box was even opened was so I could take a few pictures of it(shown above). It has never been turned on and is 100% brand spanking new!

Heck, even if you don’t want it, the combined worth of the system and game is $150+, why not just sell it?

If you really don’t want the Nintendo DS that bad, I am also offering 5,000 EntreCredits to the winner. Either or, it is a great prize and is absolutely free!

I’m sure you want in on this lovely prize, so perhaps you would like to know exactly how to get it. It’s actually quite simple and there are three easy ways to get yourself an entry into this extravagent contest.

1. Sign Up To The RSS Feed And Activate It If You Haven’t Already
2. Post A Comment On Another One Of My Topics, If You Provide Solid Input I Will Award You An Entry
3. Post An Article On Your Blog/Website Telling Of This Contest

Do not ask if your comment is good enough to earn an entry ticket, you will be removed from the contest completely! If you subscribe to our RSS and activate please post a comment here and put your email that you used for the RSS feed as the email it asks for, this way only I will be able to see your email and you still get entered in.

If you post a blog article, please ping us so I can see your post and credit your ticket accordingly. If you just made a post on your website, please leave a comment here.
Everyone can only have a maximum of 5 tickets in the contest, this means multiple website postings or multiple quality comments. The contest will end once the blog reaches 150-200 RSS subscribers. Give or take, depending on how good the turnout is.

Good Luck To Everyone!

Link to the contest is here

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