lunedì 2 giugno 2008

Tha Slayer is giving away a shiny new BENQ DC C640 Digicam which has lots and lots and lots of cool features. :D
Shipping will be supported by Tom, and is available almost to all the world. Those of you who live in Africa - sorry guys, he can’t send you the digicam there, shipping alone costs 40$.

How to gain entries?
There are several ways to gain entries:

1) Subscribe to the feed using your email address - 5 entries;

2) Post 4 comments on Tha Slayer blog - 1 entry:
You may post 1comments/day. Well you can post as many as you like, but only 1 will be counted every day. Spam comments will be deleted.

3) Write a blog-post about the contest - 10 entries:
It’s simple. Write a blog-post about this contest (at least 100 words) and link to it. This will get you 10 entries in the contest.(make sure you email Tom your email address and the location of the post)

4) Stumble/Digg this post - 1 entry
Stumble this post, review it after which digg this post. This will get you 1 entry.(email Tom your email address and your digg/stumbleupon username).

5) Technorati Favorite my blog - 1 entry
Add Tom's blog to your technorati favorites and gain one extra entry to the competition! (email Tom your email address and your technorati username).

These are the ways you can gain more entries, if Tom gets a new idea on how to gain more entries he will update this post(mail Tom your idea, and if it’s used you will get 2 entries).

Tom email address is , just in case you missed it in the sidebar.

The contest will end on 30th June, and the winner will be announced on 1st of July. There’s no second place! Winner takes it all!

Link to the page of the contest is here.
Good luck to everyone!:D

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