domenica 15 giugno 2008

Volk Defense Give-Away

It's his first contest and has put it up in's the first ever Volk Defense contest.

The prizes:

-2x Norton Internet Security 2008 (w/ Valid 1 Year Subscription Key) ($120 Value)
-2x Norton Antibot (w/ Valid 1 Year Subscription Key) ($60 Value)
-1x AVG Internet Security (w/ Valid 1 year Subscription Key) ($55 Value)
-$50 Via Paypal (4 Winners) ($200 Value)
-5 Winners Personal 1-Year Proxy Hosting (
-2x 1 Year Domain Registration (
-2x 125x125 Banner Design

Entry methods:

°Participate On Volk Defense [1 ticket per comment/3 limit a day ]
°Participate On The Forums (1-10 Tickets/Day)
°Write About It ( 10 tickets )
°Stumble/Digg/Propel ( 3 tickets )

So do join the contest at the Volk Defense contest page...the deadline is June 15th.

Good Luck to all! :)

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