mercoledì 18 giugno 2008

Balkhis ML Contest, thanks to Market Leverage, is giving away amazing prizes! :D

Prizes are:

° First Place: Flip Camera
° Second Place: IPOD Nano
° Third Place: $50 AMEX Card
° Fourth Place: 2GB USB Pen Drive

Aside from those will be giving out:

° 1000 entrecard credits
° 468 x 60 banner on Balkhis (1 month)
° 125 x 125 banner on Balkhis (1 month)

These three prizes will be given to users selected randomly from those who enter the contest.

Now how exactly will you get your chance to win them?

° By subscribing to Balkhis via email, you will earn 10 Points.
° By Subscribing to Market Leverage, you will earn 20 Points
° By writing about this contest on your blog. Make sure you link to this post, and make a mention that this contest is supported kindly by Market Leverage, and put their link. This will get you 20 Points toward your score.

Once you have written about this post, do remember to send a trackback or comment on this post linking to your post so they can keep track of it. This will take them to another clue.

° By commenting on Balkhis will also gain you points. Each comment will be worth 2 points.

More Clues that are added: click here to see them ;)

Good Luck to all, guys! ;)

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