martedì 8 luglio 2008

Great contest by!
You can win an amazing Playstation 3 with Grand Theft Auto 4 Game bundled! ;)

Here the ways you can get the tickets to win:

°Compulsory (1 Ticket) —> Must subscribe to the RSS feed via e-mail.
°2 Tickets —> Stumble this page.
°2 Tickets —> Digg this page.
°2 Tickets —> Bookmark on
°5 Tickets OR 8 Tickets —> Twitter a post about contest linking to this post (woth 5 Tickets). OR. Twitter a post about contest and become a follower of Money007’s Twitter Page (8 Tickets).
°15 Tickets —> Make a blog post about this competition and link to the blog.
°20 Tickets —> Make a Youtube video about this competition, and tell why you should win!

The deadline is 1 month from July 6, 2008 with marginal changes possible.

Link to the contest page is here.

Good Luck to u all! ;)

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