martedì 15 luglio 2008

Market Leverage Contest

Inspired Money Maker is holding a nice contest, where you can win a Flip Mino and a 2GB USB Pen, $50 MarketLeverage Rewards Card and a 2GB USB pen.
To get tickets, you can:
*Write a Blog post on your Blog which talks about this contest and link to it (+5 tickets)
*Sign up for a MarketLeverage Account using his link (+5 tickets)
*Digg this contest (+1 ticket)
*Stumble or Stumble Review this contest (+1 ticket)
*Twitter about this contest & Follow him on Twitter (+1 ticket)
*Favorite this contest on Technorati (+1 ticket)
The deadline is 14th August 2008.
Link to the contest page is here.
Good Luck to you all, guys! :)

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