lunedì 22 febbraio 2010

The site is promoting a contest where you have the chance to win $100 in cold hard cash (sent by PayPal).

Prizes are the following:

•First prize: $50 by PayPal
•Second prize: $35 by PayPal
•Third prize: $15 by PayPal

How to enter this competition:

You have to write a post on your site/blog about this contest, using the same anchor text below (1 ticket):

°How to Lose Weight
°Weight Loss Tips
°How to Lose Weight Fast
°How to Lose Weight Quickly
°Ways to Lose Weight

You can get extra tickets if:

°Stumble and review this post and this post (1 ticket)
°Put a link to this contest in your forum signature (1 ticket)
°Make a forum thread about this contest (1 ticket)

The deadline for this contest is 31st March 2010.
Winners will be selected through
Link to the contest post is here.

Good luck to you all! ;)

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