mercoledì 25 novembre 2009

Join the great Kindle Giveaway!

Amazing Kindle Giveaway at Bibliofreak: you can win one of the 15 Kindles (yes, 15!) of this nice competition!
Enter this contest is very easy, you can do one of the following steps to increase your chances to win:
°Join Bibliofreak mailing list
°Write a blog post about this giveaway
°Make a funny/interesting YouTube Video
°Get your YouTube Video featured on the site
°Follow Bibliofreak on Twitter
°Tweet about the giveaway with #kindlegiveaway
°Become a fan of Bibliofreak on Facebook
°Digg/Reddit/StumbleUpon the contest post

*One more entry for every person that clicks and joins the mailing list from your own referral link (you will receive it after subscribing to the newsletter).
Link to the contest post is here.
Contest ends on 18th December 2009.
Good Luck to you all! ;)

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