martedì 14 luglio 2009

Wachawey ti regala un iPod Shuffle! is promoting a nice blog contest where you can win a brand new 4 GB iPod Shuffle!

How to enter the competition:

It's very simple: you have to write a post (minimum 50 words) on your blog or on your site (both must be online by one month), talking about this blog contest: you have also to put a direct link to the home page of the site, one to Videos online and one to Videos gratis .

Remember that everyone can enter this contest (even if you live outside Mexico).

Then, you have to invite two blogger to enter this contest, so I invite Ire from PasPasaPan and AboutBlogContest.

Competition starts on 7th July and ends on 7th August. Winner will be selected on 8th August.

Good Luck to you all! ;)

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